sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2009

Getting started..!

Hello to every 4Minute fan..!

today we start to follow our fav k-pop group fashion style..!
we'll be posting where you can get the clothes that the girls ware or a very similar item to it so that you can get the 4minute fashion style..!

and to get started we'll leave you with the ripped leggins that Hyun A whore in the pre-debut photos and on they 1st debut stage..!

*Hyun A promotional photo*

*You can find them at ~Polyvore.com~*

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  1. Heey *-* I've really enjoy your blog ^^' Post moooore! \o/ And I want to ask you were in Polyvore did you found this legging? *-* I reeaaaally need it :/